Pandemic days








©  Drawing by Bernadete Claudino

(Coloured Brush, Nov. 2020)





Pandemic days


In those days when a virus

paralyzed us, light and dark

fused to an ashen landscape

you feverishly searched for a way out


If only something, you were thinking

could come from another world, a breath of

wind in the tufts of grass, a feather falling down

from nowhere, a sweet smell, a tender gesture


It was enough to think about this: in the dense

cloud cover a thin spot formed spontaneously



Job Degenaar







The original Dutch and Frisian version (translated by Jantsje Postma) are part of the project 'Wjerspegelje/Weerspiegelen' (To reflect), organised by Merk Fryslân and Leeuwarden UNESCO City of Literature, and can be read here: