Wholeheartedly lived against death

till something unexpected mirrors you

for instance in a poem, so


fragile that you never thought

that it existed

That wrings itself


through all your pores, rises

from the paper and

looks at you like a doe


That is a homecoming:

to see who you are

in this moment



Translation: Annmarie Sauer, Ich bin / I am (2012)




Ynmoedich tsjin de dea libbe

oant wat ûnferwachte dy spegelet
in gedicht bygelyks, sa

breklik datst noait tochtst
dat it bestie
Dat him wrot

út al dyn poarjes, oereinkomt
fan it papier en dy
oansjocht as in ree

Dat is nochris thúskomme:
sjen wa’tst bist
op dit stuit


Oersetting: Syds Wiersma (2019)